Stonesights Andreas Hürlimann
Stonesights Andreas Hürlimann


I would be happy to advise you on what might fit the motif you have chosen, because the size of the picture, the lighting conditions and the space in which the work is to be presented are also decisive factors. Other printing materials and techniques as well as other sizes/ratios are of course possible (and sometimes a good idea). Examples: Photo canvas, forex hard foam, acrylic glass, so-called gallery print, adhesive PVC film, noble direct print, high-quality photo paper, fine art print, aluminium. Only the additional or reduced costs of the material will be charged. On request, already printed pictures can be viewed, in a private setting or at exhibitions.
The edition of most pictures is limited. The works can be enlarged strongly, this with excellent print quality. All pictures are produced in a UV light resistant process. 

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